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This partnership directly benefits you in 2 big ways:
1) This provides you, our visitor, a cheaper way to buy domain names.
2) This also provides you access to registration of longer domain names than ever before. Registration of domains up to 67 characters in length instead of just 27.

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     What does having access to longer domains mean to me?
With the available market of unclaimed TLD's shrinking, we are happy to provide you with access to a broader range of names. Domain names up to 67 characters in length are now available. In the past you were only allowed to register domains up to 27 characters(including the .com, .net, or .org).

     How much does it cost?
Apply now and take advantage of our multi-year discount registration rates:

$35 USD for 1 year
$60 USD for 2 years
$150 USD for 5 years
$250 USD for 10 years

You save money with us. Network Solutions© charges $70 per registration and $35 yearly renewal fees. That means you save on the initial purchase and on all yearly renewal fees from here on out, forever.
Example: If you register a domain name through us for a 10 year registration instead of using NetworkSolutions©, you would save your self $100.
All you need to do is pick out a name, check its availability using the search box on the next page and register.

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*Note: If you are serious about your online presence, then we suggest for your identity protection, you buy all three extentions (.com, .net and .org)!*

If you don't secure your domain today,
someone else may beat you to it!

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