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Appraisal Services
1. We offer 2 types of Appraisals based on a 4 Point Rating System.
2. We appraise all types of domains, everything from .com to the new .tv.
3. New Partnership with AblazeDomains.com to provide a Free Domain Marketplace to help sell your domains.
    Standard Appraisal   
- Establish a fair and solid price!
This is our most popular service and offers what most people want:
Ratings in four major fields and the Domain Name Value.

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    Premium Appraisal   
- A serious advantage in sales!
Our Premium Appraisal will give you an in-depth analysis for a true competitive edge! This service offers you all the benefits of a standard appraisal plus a detailed explanation of all its strengths and weaknesses that no negotiator can deny.

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Appraisal Rating System
We rate 4 fields of major interest!
1.) Industry and Commercial Use Does the name have great industry potential? Is the name suited to be built into a commercial web site or another like a non-profit orginization?

2.) Name Awareness and Brand Recognition Is the name easily to remember? Is it easy to trademark and highly brandable?

3.) Character Length of Name How long is the name? In most cases, the fewer amount of characters in the name, the higher the value.

4.) Dot(Extention) Value - What extention does the name have? Is it a .com, .net, .org, .cc, .ws, .tv or a different extention?

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