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It's 100% Free!
There is no charge to become an affiliate, there is no commitment requirement, and almost anyone can join our program. You may link to ADNAppraisals.com as often as you like, it's all up to you. You man even link to us in email news letters and print ads to earn more money.

We Pay the Highest Commissions in the Industry - 37%!
This is the highest in the industry. Most companies only pay between 5 and 15%. We more than doubled the industry standard! This means that you will earn up to $81.03 per sale.

How It Works:
1. You sign up for a Free account with ClickBank (ClickBank runs the program, and sends you your payment checks), they will give you a unique affiliate code which you need to start earning your commission.

2. You will use your affiliate code to help send people to our site. Your Affiliate Code lets ClickBank know that you were the one who referred the customer. If your visitor returns to our site and purchases an appraisal, anytime in the furture, you will receive the 37% commission for the sale.
Here's the link that you will use:
NOTE: enter your affiliate code from ClickBank where the XXXXX is.

3. You can use the following text link to send customers to us. Remember to enter your affiliate code from Click bank where the XXXXX is, otherwise, you will not be credited for the sale. You may also use any text ad you come up with to link to our site.


    ADNAppraisals.com, fair and affordable domain valuations.

    About Domain Name Appraisals, what you need to know before you enter the domain name market.

    Domain Appraisals, knowing what your domain is worth will give you the advantage in any sale.

    Domain Appraisals, finding out what a domain is worth before the sale could save you thousands of dollars.

Cash your checks every 2 weeks!
4. ClickBank will be sending you checks for sales made twice a month. Other companies only pay once per month, or even worse, once every 3 months. This gives you a quicker return on your time and investment.

We hope to have a Good Business Future with you!

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